Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for with Dry 20 Classroom Teachers Ranking TOP9 Squares,Magnetic,Dry,,$16,Pocket,with,/Mazatec573735.html,for,Classroom,20,Teachers,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Chart Squares,Magnetic,Dry,,$16,Pocket,with,/Mazatec573735.html,for,Classroom,20,Teachers,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Chart $16 Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for Classroom Teachers with 20 Dry Office Products Office School Supplies $16 Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for Classroom Teachers with 20 Dry Office Products Office School Supplies Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for with Dry 20 Classroom Teachers Ranking TOP9

Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for with Dry 20 Classroom Teachers Ranking TOP9 4 years warranty

Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for Classroom Teachers with 20 Dry


Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for Classroom Teachers with 20 Dry

Product description

Grand Lmoon is a supplier which has devoted to offering solutions for multiple teaching amp; office needs. This Magnetic
Pocket Chart Squares Kit could help you with various instruction activities.

Your Pocket chart squares Kit Includes:
4 – Magnetic Classroom Pocket Chart Squares in 4 colors, 17” X 14” each
20 – Eco-Friendly Reusable Dry Erase Flash Cards , 5,5" X 3,5" each
5 – On wall mounting Non-trace hangers
2 – Over Door Hooks

Free-Will stitching: Thanks to the built-in magnets and velcos you could easily reorganize the layout for your
demonstration needs. You can either stitching the 4 attachable pocket chart squares with each other for a bigger
chart or just use one of them.

Smart Design: 2 designs front pocket size, you got 2X charts with 5 ordinary height pocket rows and 2X with 4
enlarged rows
for different sizes flash cards. On the reverse side it features 2 large storage pockets for your other
teaching aids like markers, ruler, extra flash cards etc. Charts in delightful colors (red, blue, green, yellow) will bring out your
showing pieces and catch toddler's attention. All these features and upgrades make it pretty easy to use.

Premium Quality: Extra-Strong 3mm thickness Rubidium magnets will keep your charts in place and no need to
worry about sliding.
20 Reusable Dry erase flash cards, laminated with PET film, round corner for easy and safety use.
Charts made from Premium 420D Nylon with non-corrosive grommets.

Mountings Ready: Comes with 5 Non-trace Hangers amp; 2 over-door hooks for convenience wall-mounting
or over-the-door hanging. Ideal for classroom and home pre-school education.

Smart teaching aids lead to smart teaching.

Magnetic Pocket Chart Squares for Classroom Teachers with 20 Dry


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