Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sleeve,Blouse,Shirts,Short,Shirt,LEELA,Hawaiian,Dress,$14,/blog/web-development-course-in-pune/,,Womens,LA $14 LA LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirt Dress Shirts Short Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women LA Great interest LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirts Dress Sleeve Short Shirt LA Great interest LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirts Dress Sleeve Short Shirt Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Sleeve,Blouse,Shirts,Short,Shirt,LEELA,Hawaiian,Dress,$14,/blog/web-development-course-in-pune/,,Womens,LA $14 LA LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirt Dress Shirts Short Sleeve Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

LA Great interest LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirts Very popular! Dress Sleeve Short Shirt

LA LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirt Dress Shirts Short Sleeve


LA LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirt Dress Shirts Short Sleeve

Product description

LA LEELA Women Hawaiian Shirts

Sizing Information

We Request you to please See the Size chart Image in the Product Images Gallery , Also Sizing for shirts is mentioned Below :

Size: S | Bust Size :38"-40" / Cup Size :34D-36D
Size: M | Bust Size :40"-42" / Cup Size :36D-38D
Size: L | Bust Size :42"-44" / Cup Size :38D-40D
Size: XL | Bust Size :45"-47" / Cup Size :40DD-44D
Size: 2XL | Bust Size :49"-51" / Cup Size :46C-48D

Clothing features : Casual Hawaiian Shirt -|SHORT SLEEVES|SIDE VENTS|Straight Hem|REGULAR RELAXED FIT|Point Collar|Button Down|

Fabric :Soft Smooth Lightweight Fabric. Good For Light Travel.

FABRIC WASH CARE: Regular Machine Wash |No Need of Special Care

➤ Do YOU Want Shirts in Other Patterns and Colors ?

Want some more options for Hawaiian Printed Shirts Like this one, Please Find Our Collection of Shirts for Both Men and Women By Clicking on Our BRAND NAME LA LEELA above TITLE OR Search for LA LEELA in Search Bar of Amazon

Note :

Each computer screen shows same shade slightly differently, please let us know if you are looking for specific shade or color.

LA LEELA Womens Hawaiian Blouse Shirt Dress Shirts Short Sleeve

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Matt Prior
19 November 2021
Matt Prior: how much in-car tech is too much?