Buy Cosmic Haiku by Olivia Tatara

Buy Cosmic Haiku by Olivia Tatara

Take a trip into the cosmos and feel the energy of enlightenment hit your crown. Unlock the mysteries through my poems and art. Magic is at your fingertips.

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By Olivia Tatara

Price: $16.95

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The art of haiku allows the reader and composer to be fully in the moment when experiencing the beauty and simplicity life has to offer. Travel into the stars and discover things about your origin, and travel into your own spirit and get a feel for a higher vibration. This gateway will allow you to discover your inner truths and experience life differently.

May you connect with the poems and images in this book and feel the energy flowing in from the Universe to open your crown and begin your transformation. Now that your heart is opened, you are ready for the cosmic energy. Read more about Cosmic Haiku here.

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