Experience Love Like Never Before

Experience Love Like Never Before

Olivia Tatara: Author and Artist of Love Haiku

Olivia Tatara Awkaned Haiku Guru Love Haiku Experience Love Like Never Before

Ask Yourself:

Do you want to experience Love? Energy? Happiness?

Are you searching for love and acceptance?

Have you ever had your heart broken?

Have you been through relationships that broke your ambition in life?

Are you ready to let go and love yourself?

Have you lost hope in love?

Have you felt ways toward people before you cannot explain but then had that feeling taken away and made fun of by people?

Are you tired of feeling depressed and sick?

Are you ready to make a change in your life?


Come to a space to make stillness in your life to hear the voice of your soul. You are love. You are enough. Allow my art to speak to your heart to open and feel unconditional love and compassion. I have compiled various photo haiku in this book “Love Haiku” to allow the energy to flow from my heart to yours. This book is meant to encourage proper transmutation of pure heart energy to your soul. Awakened into who you are meant to be. Once the heart is open, inspiration and opportunity find their way into your life in beautiful ways. Whatever you believe or whatever you resonate with, poetry and art heal the soul. Allow yourself to feel my energy.



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Experience Love with Poetry and Art: https://youtu.be/8zEGEm3M8O4

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A Collection of photo Haiku on Love and Self-discovery and Independence

I discovered a great love of haiku and my own unique style of expression through my paintings and digital art. View my first published collection of Haiku, ‘Love Haiku’. Read more here.


Love Haiku Book Cover Design by Olivia Tatara Products Love of Life

Love Haiku

By Olivia Tatara

Price: $16.95

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The art of haiku allows the reader and composer to be fully in the moment when experiencing the beauty and simplicity life has to offer. Take a journey into the deepest part of your heart and transform the way you view yourself.
I have compiled various photo haiku in this book “Love Haiku” to allow the energy to flow from your heart to mine. This book is meant to be read over and over again to encourage proper transmutation of pure heart energy to your soul. The art accompanied by the haiku act as a visual representation of the feelings and words described in this book. Allow my haiku to speak to you in whatever way will change your life for the better. Whatever speaks to you, may you receive the blessing.
Sit back, relax, and allow me to take you on a soul journey.
“Come, join me on a
journey of light and love to
bring you back to you.”
For questions and distribution inquiries, please email awakenedhaiku@gmail.com.

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Star Energy by Olivia Tatara All rights Reserved Awakened Haiku 2017 Haiku to Open the Heart and Soul

A word from the creator about Awakened Haiku:

From my studies of meditation, martial arts, and various levels of schooling, I have realized that in the beginning, everyone was trying to explain what I needed in life. They led me down paths of darkness and conformity and I didn’t know better but to feel what they were feeling and experience as they did. This was the depths of depression, anxiety, instability, heartache, and lust. Once my heart opened, I learned to do everything for myself and my life unfolded without thinking or planning. My world became the most beautiful place with experiences flowing into my life with great opportunity and joy. I discovered a great love of haiku and my own unique style of expression through my paintings and digital art.

Poetry and art have helped me express myself in magical ways and to learn to let go of the past trauma to make space for the beauty this world has to offer. I don’t know how I got here, but it has been a great journey. I want everyone to experience the amazing bliss of discovering the love inside your own heart. I want whoever reads the content on this website to really open themselves up and find what people would call the burning bush of love and forgiveness. I am not here to speak about religion because this concept is a universal term. The burning bush represents your heart of fire and compassion that sparks alive when truth is presented to open the heart and mind. From there, miracles, gifts, skills, ideas, and opportunity find their way into your life with ease. Its amazing and the Universe has so much to offer those who listen to their spirit. This website and community is all about truth – the truth you get from understanding that we are here on this Earth to serve humanity through our individual and unique forms of expression. This opens the heart so people can feel unconditional love and attain their higher self and greater good. We are all masters and teachers of love and truth. Tune into your passion and develop your skills, creativity, love, life, business and achieve anything you desire in life.

When the heart opens, the inner flame starts to ignite everything in the life of the individual and miracles happen on a daily. From my heart opening through expression and love, I know that other individuals are awakened by just reading my work and observing the images. Awakening is a funny word. It can happen at any time to anyone who is fully ready to let go of what they have known to be true and experience pure Source energy. I am here to reveal the truth inside my heart, so you can experience the truth inside your heart. May everyone be free of suffering, anxiety, stress, heartache, anything, and everything that prevents you from living up to your true potential. Let my expression allow you to find your own soul form of expression. Many Blessings!

Love, O

Author of Love Haiku: Poems to Open the Heart and Soul



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