Haiku about Change

Haiku about Change

Change is a natural factor in life that is inevitable. The seasons change, our bodies change, and the ways of society change. There are so many people who say they ‘hate change’ or ‘oppose change’. This mind set will only stifle your true growth and close your mind to the endless possibilities in the universe. Change happens to us when we least expect it, or we can plan change over periods of time. We are also put to the emotional and physical test as plans tend to change with life situations and circumstances. Whatever your view is about change, you have to go through it with a positive attitude and a smile on your face. This will ensure you come out on the other end strong, with new abilities and discoveries about yourself.

What do you want to change? Do you want to change your body? Your morals? Your religion? You sexuality? Your job? Your family? Your relationship? Are you ready to change your life? It is coming, so get ready. These haiku I have compiled in this post are meant to spark inspiration and ideas so you can begin your path to change whatever you want in your life. Let my words speak to you so you can being to change your mindset. Let the haiku about change spark your inner flame and inspire your mind.

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Haiku about Change



Today is the day

I am going to do it.

That, I do not know.



Where is that small voice?

The one who tells me I’m not.

I am everything.


Love and Magic

Once you love yourself,

Impossibility is

your reality.


Never Again

Pure love was taken.

I am not a victim now

I regenerate



What it means to change:

Is letting go of people

that cannot serve you.



Allow me to see

you for who you really are.

You know, I love you


The Future

I see you so strong

Nothing can ever break you

You do what you love



If I connect you

to the pure heavenly flow,

you will run away



I’ll give you a taste

of the nectar of the gods

to start your journey


All you know

The strong winds of change

Blow through my hair life storm clouds

I let go of all



All that oppose you..

Do not listen, they are lost

Listen to your heart


Journey of Love

What is your true path?

Close your eyes and hear your heart.

you have your answer

You are in control of your destiny! Now go out and make it your reality!


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