Haiku for the Inner Child

Haiku for the Inner Child

About the Inner Child

Children are very powerful. Children posses an innate magic because they are so connected to the Divine. Every child is a blessing and a teacher from a higher realm. This is because most kids don’t have the life trauma and accumulation of experiences that have shaped their perception yet. Although parents, siblings, and surroundings shape how you view the world and your circumstances, always remember what it felt like to be happy as a child. We have the ability to shape our reality when we re-tap into our inner child manifestation power. What food did you like? What cartoons did you enjoy? What candy did you snack on? What did you wear? What games did you love to play? Connecting to your inner child, especially later in life, can help your mind, body, and spirit grow in unity and let go of past trauma that you have be carrying unknowingly. The more moments we have in pure bliss and fun connect us to the creative flow of the universe and allow us to invite more beautiful things into life. This is a magical gift we all posses. Kids think different. Kids act differently to situations. Kids can also manifest quickly.

Embrace who you were, love who you are and shape how you are going to be by playing with your inner child and feeding your mind positivty. You are able to do this through fun activities and going through memories when you were a kid. Eat a childhood food or play with a long time friend. It is easy to connect. Just sit a quiet place, drink your favorite drink, and thank yourself for being here. Once you love and forgive yourself for everything you have been through, your inner child will reveal where the trauma has been and you can heal.

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Live Your Inner Child. Be who you are.

The poems on this page are meant to stimulate the inner child healing process. Go, be free, and have fun! We all deserve to have fun like kids. There is no better time than the present. Please enjoy and feel your inner child heal. 


Unicorns are real

When darkness invades your mind

Unicorns are fake



Cubes of freshest fruit

They taste like sugary sweet

Fairy treats of love


Party Time

Filled with confetti

The Unicorn Runs back home

Sharing the party



Yum! Chocolate Milk!

The sweet nectar of the gods

I am now wholeness



To be cute is fun

Colors and Smiles with love

Life is just a game


My Kitty

A cats eyes hold love

Cute, furry, playful, loving

You are a great friend



Rainbows and Puppies

Colors of all that is pure

Now I know I’m sure


Narwhal Blast

Narwhals have big horns

Mistaken for unicorns

They will grant your wish


Young Witch

Fairies and Kitties,

Sugar, Spice, and all things nice

Magic is your friend



Lets go swing around

Hop into the Bunny hole

Colors to be found



I can be all things

Imagination is real

Let me show you life



If peace is true fun

Fun can bring us our true selves

We are the future


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