Haiku Poems about Love | Love Haiku

Haiku Poems about Love | Love Haiku

What really is love?

Is it a feeling, an expression, or a person? Love can be embodied in all of those things. Ultimately, Love is a vibration. Love is the highest vibration we as human beings can vibrate at. The power of love is the the strongest force in the universe. When you feel the love in your heart, your body starts to align and you become attuned to the mysteries of the universe. Love is always inside of you. There is no need to search for this in material objects or other people. Love is passionate and confusing. It makes your heart swell and compassion fill your entire being. Living in the vibration of love, we are able to realize everything is happening for a reason and life is teaching us things to better our spirits. We are here to experience things in this life so we grow into fuller spiritual beings. When you experience everything in love and light, there is nothing that can deter you from your soul mission. Don’t know your soul mission? Align with the Love frequency and the universe will reveal it to you in miraculous ways. New experiences will jump out out you and you will be aligned to receive prosperity, abundance, health, and stability in multiple aspects of your life.

Some people are born with a high love vibration and other are destined to discover it through their experiences and life paths. You know when you are living in love because you can feel it. Your body feels younger and more vibrant. You mind feels sharper and hungry for knowledge. Your spirit feels connected to develop your intuition and gifts further. Everything in life just starts to align when you feel the love in your heart. Self love is the elixir for joy and solution to pain, heartbreak, and illness. Love yourself, and watch your life change. Here are a few Haiku Poems about Love to begin the process of heart opening so you can feel whole. For a more intense experience, check out ‘Love Haiku’.


Waterfall of Love by Olivia Tatara All rights Reserved Awakened Haiku 2017 Haiku Poems about Love | Love Haiku

Haiku Poems about Love



To love or to live?

When the heart breaks, we ask this.

To love is to live



A present of love

is what I want for myself

I gift it to me




is key for the love struggle

But there’s not struggle



Self Destruct

To give love can cause

pain if there is no self love.

First, you must love you


Its Okay

Why do I cry so?

Compassion heals through the tears.

Know you are okay.



Dear Dreamers of Love

I know what your pure hearts wants

Look inside and smile



We all want to love.

The truest love lies inside

The mind and the heart.



From experience,

I can tell you that I am

Master of my love


Spiritual Healing

My heart heals the sick

Love can conquer anything

Once felt, it is yours



Be that Light Vessel

Show the world your whole story.

You will spark the love



I can make it here.

I love the life I have made.

I will not look back.



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Are you searching for love and acceptance? Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you been through relationships that broke your ambition in life? Are you ready to let go and love yourself?

Come to a space to make stillness in your life to hear the voice of your soul. You are love. You are enough. Allow my art to speak to your heart to open and feel unconditional love and compassion. I have compiled various photo haiku in this book “Love Haiku” to allow the energy to flow from my heart to yours. This book is meant to encourage proper transmutation of pure heart energy to your soul. Awakened into who you are meant to be. Once the heart is open, inspiration and opportunity find their way into your life in beautiful ways. Join me on my life journey of love and discovery through my first collection of poems, ‘Love Haiku’. Read more below.

Why did I create ‘Love Haiku’ you ask? Read about my story here.


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The art of haiku allows the reader and composer to be fully in the moment when experiencing the beauty and simplicity life has to offer. Take a journey into the deepest part of your heart and transform the way you view yourself.
I have compiled various photo haiku in this book “Love Haiku” to allow the energy to flow from your heart to mine. This book is meant to be read over and over again to encourage proper transmutation of pure heart energy to your soul. The art accompanied by the haiku act as a visual representation of the feelings and words described in this book. Allow my haiku to speak to you in whatever way will change your life for the better. Whatever speaks to you, may you receive the blessing.
Sit back, relax, and allow me to take you on a soul journey.
“Come, join me on a
journey of light and love to
bring you back to you.”
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