Love Life Poetry

Love Life Poetry

Love Haiku

Life is true magic

The love you want is right now

Just live and be free

Love Life

by Olivia Tatara

Everyone wants a good love life

That’s a matter of fact

When all else fails

Don’t you ever look back

The love you want is right in front of your face

Just when you want to give up and think that you lost the race

The love that you need keeps up with your pace

Its not a race but a journey

You cannot sprint it out

Because when things turn sour

Its okay to yell and shout

Just know who you are

The journey won’t be too far

Just look

You are ready for love

And for your dreams to come true

The only secret is

You need to believe in you

If you do, then join me

On the roller coaster of your love life

Where life turns to magic

and those things you through so tragic

Disappears and turn into paradise

That is where love stays

And it will never go away

As long as you believe in all the good days