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Haiku is a simple yet intense form of poetry that captivates the reader into the unknown of creativity and self discovery. Haiku composition and recitation has been practiced for centuries due to its amazing healing properties and Zen characteristics. Haiku allows the reader and composer to be fully in the moment when experiencing the beauty and simplicity life has to offer.

By Olivia Tatara

Price: $16.95

Prints in 3-5 business days

Find the love inside your heart and be open to the ever changing energy of the universe.

Now is the time to open your heart and feel wonderful inside and out. Sit back, relax, and allow me to take you on a soul journey.

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Cosmic Haiku by Olivia Tatara

Cosmic Haiku

A book of awakening

By Olivia Tatara

Price: $16.95

Prints in 3-5 business days

Travel into the stars and discover things about your origin, and travel into your own spirit and get a feel for a higher vibration. This gateway will allow you to discover your inner truths and experience life differently.

May you connect with the poems and images in this book and feel the energy flowing in from the Universe to open your crown and begin your transformation. Now that your heart is opened, you are ready for the cosmic energy. Read more about Cosmic Haiku here.

Famous Haiku

Famous Haiku Cover and Book by Olivia Tatara

By Olivia Tatara

Price: $16.95

Prints in 3-5 business days

Your thoughts are powerful, but do you know how powerful your voice is?

So many times in life we miss out on opportunities because we cannot express. It is hard to comprehend how we feel. Its even hard to express what we are feeling to the people closest to us.

If you are not true to yourself during times of emotion and challenge, it is difficult to be thankful for what you have. Expression of gratitude is key. This book is meant to be read over and over again to vibrate your throat to the truth that is inside your heart. Live your dream everyday and speak your Law. Be true to you and never stop your imagination.

Enter the Matrix


Its time to get your stretch on

Let’s Talk Science

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