Photo Haiku: Built

Photo Haiku: Built

Haiku Title: Built

Image Title: Neon

My feet are rooted.

The Earth in which I stood is

breaking around me.

– to new beginnings
Neon by Olivia Tatara Awakaened Haiku 2017 All rights Reserved
Neon by Olivia Tatara


Haiku is amazing form of poetry which creates a bridge between the emotional and spiritual worlds of existence and that of the material and physical natures we as humans experience on a day to day basis. Get a book of haiku. Its really amazing.


What is Photo Haiku?

Photo Haiku adds an extra layer of dimension to the overall meaning of the short Haiku poem. Adding an image, photograph, or illustration to the haiku poem gives the message from the artist a deeper meaning and gives the reader more room for discussion when interpreting the composition. Photo Haiku and overall haiku composition are very healing forms of poetry. These poems contain a dominant impression to invoke emotional clearing and an empathy reaction to connect the reader and poet to the magic of the natural world and lessons and wonders human experience. Images added to the poems in Photo Haiku add a visual connection to the written word, which makes this process of discovery, catharsis, and emotional clearing more effective. Check out more photo haiku in the new collection ‘Love Haiku’.


Wholeness by Olivia Tatara All rights Reserved Awakened Haiku 2017
Wholeness by Olivia Tatara




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