Stones for Kids

Stones for Kids

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Stones for Kids by Olivia Tatara

A Basic Guide to Gemstone Energy

Is your kid interested in mystical gemstones? Are you looking for a detailed, easy to read introduction to crystals benefits? Learn the basic stones you should always have around for your life adventures.

Promote grounding at an early age.

Stones for Kids will give a basic overview of stone properties, ways to use mystical gems, and techniques to clear and stabilize the environment in times of transformation for your child. Allow and accept the beauty of crystal magic into your life.

Children are very connected to the divine flow of the Universe. This also means that they are sensitive to the changing energetic vibrations in the environment. This book will provide your children basic insight on mystical gemstones and how the natural rocks can start to aid them in their lives at a young age. The earlier the youth is reveled to the power and magic of crystals, the more grounded they will feel as they go through life’s testing situations. There’s a stone for everything in life.

Start to educate your youth now through this basic, yet informative, book about crystal power. Allow your heart to connect to your child through the lessons of the Earth’s children. You will feel grounded, stable, and assured that the knowledge they receive is for the highest good and for the betterment of their overall well being.

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About Stone for Kids

By Olivia Tatara

Full COLOR! Energy Art included This book is meant to be a basic introduction to kids about mystical gemstones. How can they help you in your life? You will learn a lot about yourself by learning about Earth’s natural treasures. Gemstones are pretty and magical. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can help us in our lives in many ways.

Each stone has its own chemical composition and crystalline structure which alters our natural energy in some way. We can use these crystals at different points in time to aid in life situations and help ease imbalances within the body.


The information in this book is not suitable substitution for medication or professional medical advice. This is an addition to a holistic self-healing and energy enhancing practice. If you have any questions regarding your physical health, emotional health, mental health, medication, or concerns when using crystals and gemstones, please consult your primary healthcare practitioner.

Crystals and gemstones should be utilized to enhance your personal healing practice if you feel you resonate with the energy of the stones. This is a basic guide for the many uses of gemstones. It is a recommended read for both children and adults. There are many more in depth guides to gemstones and their properties online to find and enhance your practice. Note that some stones may be choking hazards to small children.

Please supervise any children during the use of gemstones. May this be a concise lesson in the power and beauty of crystals and Earth energy.